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Popular map lists are broken

After the update that switched the sorting from played game to likes (which makes way more sense), a glitch was introduced: if you scroll to see more maps the page will empty and reload all the maps, and keep displaying the same maps over and over at some point.

Looking at Chrome's devtool window, the error '[Violation] Forced reflow while executing JavaScript took 42ms' keeps happening at every page, and the API link is stuck as page=1 (page=0 works fine), that's why the same maps keep appearing.

It happens for all the popular categories.


  • Hi, it was actually broken before that.. But now it's fixed, thanks for the heads up!

    We're trying out new ways to expose user content, the change to rank on likes will hopefully make the list a little bit more dynamic over time. (Before wasn't only played games, it was a combination of different values but didn't work that well imo.) More stuff is on the way!

    have a nice weekend!

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