Polygons don't take anything newer than 2015

When you put polygons in your polygonal maps they would take no photospheres or street view newer than 2015. All the countries with Google street view coverage added later wouldn't show up as they are not in the polygon "database" where it selects locations available for polygons. Also no photospheres newer than 2015 would be selected in the polygons you make in the editor either. So all polygonal maps are outdated as they probably take locations from the World map location pool as far as I can tell, or from a pre-generated database that hasn't been updated since 2015. I guess the official World map doesn't have any locations newer than 2015 either as it misses all those new countries too and that the game is just like that outdated which is very bad. People in the community have since created random location generators after the "Import CSV" feature was implemented into the map maker, so I don't see why the game itself couldn't be updated with new coverage in the same way, and I guess that's how the game itself was made, by a similar method as those generators. Like this, we are just playing an outdated and incomplete version of the world with the official maps and polygonal maps and that is very bad and makes the game much worse than it could be.
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