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Polygonal Region giving me locations not in the region

 I was trying to make a map of the whole world excluding USA and Canada, and i have tried it multiple different ways with the polygons not covering US or CA yet i still get US all the time when i play it. I would really appreciate if you helped me!
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  • The polygons can't cross the international date change line in the Pacific. If you do it, you'll get locations from everywhere.
  • ok thank you very much, also it was mapper himself, pog <3
    Baby L3mur
  • ayo mapper i dont know if you will see this but you have an Animals on road map and since one of them doesn't work anymore heres one if you wanna change it idk if you do -11.9880986,-76.5211976   i just stumbled upon it playing country streak
    Baby L3mur

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