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Polygonal maps & city locations esp. Paris & London

I have noticed when playing polygonal maps that certain city locations are more weighted towards being more likely to come up - notably Paris but not including London.

For example, I have played the Afro-Eurasia (The Old World) map a lot, which is evidently polygonal as the map's locations are numbered in the millions (meaning that the focus on major global cities can't be hand picked). Here I see a lot of metropolitan Paris, a lot of Singapore (plus often immediately across the border in Johor Bahru, Malaysia) and a lot of metropolitan Tokyo. (Some games on the map have given me only those three areas.) That's great as I am one of those players who much prefers getting these locations than the long straight roads in the middle of nowhere. And the aforementioned are all in the very highest rankings of Alpha cities in the GaWC world city hierarchy.

Yet the map has not even once placed me in London. This even though London is one of the top two Alpha++ cities, Paris is not. Indeed, London is the number one GaWC global city. London has global air connectivity more than Paris, is a financial centre more than Paris, etc.

If, as seems might be the case, Paris is set as a hub in whose vicinity Geoguessr locations are more likely to be selected, I think that said hub should be moved the 200 miles to London. Or at least, London AND Paris can be hubs.

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