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POI no visible on map editor anymore


I noticed the POI (point of interest) are not displayed anymore on the map in the editor. They are useful since it's a good clue for players to find where they are and pinpoint the location to get a perfect score. They are visible in game, but not in the editor so map makers can't use them to place a location precisely. Can you enable them again? And make sure they're not clickable otherwise it will be a nightmare inside large towns with so many POI around.

Also can you add a scale on the map? Just in the editor, so we can measure lengths and have an idea of the error margin we let to the players before they lose a point for being too far.



  • Hey Mapper,

    Good suggestion! I'm working on a new implementation of the map editor as we speak, so I'll go ahead and add the POIs and the scale right away.

    Another nice thing with the new implementation is that it now performs reasonably well for maps with a large number of coordinates (like your diverse world map). Selecting, adding and removing new locations is now pretty much instant. Paning on the map when you're zoomed out is still a bit laggy since so many markers are rendered, but overall the editing experience should be much better now.

  • Hi Jesper, that's some great news you're giving us!

    Since you're working on it then I guess it's the best time to make suggestions to improve it. I did some other suggestions in this thread:

    If you can have a quick look and see if you can do something that would be great. I also add: a warning pop-up to prevent closing the browser tab by mistake, loosing all the work (something like "Are you use you want to quit? Yes / Cancel").

    For the map editor slowness I now use a workaround that simply consists into making multiple small maps that I combine later into a large file then I send it on the website (like the import coordinate feature that was added recently). But it is still good to have a fast map editor to quickly fix black screens or photospheres that get in the way.

    Thanks for the hard work.

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