Please revert new avatar update.

Do not like the new avatars.  Please let us use our regular PFPs.  I do not want avatar customization.  There are better ways at managing inappropriate PFPs.


  • If this was released with the level of customization as other games you may have gotten different feedback but there is literally 1 female hair and 1 beard. 1 female top implies a huge bias. Profile pictures/avatars, whatever, should not have to be forced to display your gender/an avatar that conveys emotion. Some people just want to share their cat or their flag.
  • Hopefully in future updates when there are more things to be customized it will be better 🙂
  • We don't want more updates on this awful system, we have customization when we have our own profile pictures. Everyone's removing their subscriptions and switching to Geotastic.

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