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Please offer an actual PayPal or non-renewing credit card option for Pro

Hello, I just tried to sign up for Pro using PayPal.  But I'm guessing because its going through Stripe, it only lets me pay via the credit card associated with my PayPal account or my bank accounts.  Not my PayPal balance.  Which sort of defeats the purpose of offering PayPal in my opinion.  The problem is that since its an overseas purchase, my credit card isn't allowing it to go through.

Please consider either:

- A PayPal option that lets you use your PayPal balance. Its not particularly difficult to implement.


- A full year, not auto-renewing payment option with credit cards. This should be very little trouble for you to implement. The reason I went w/ PayPal in the first place is because I don't want recurring charges on my cards. I'd rather manually renew when its about to expire. If you had had this option, quite honestly I would have gone Pro 2 years ago.



  • Hi, please completely and utter disregard this post.  Turns out that Paypal itself had silently hidden my balance because it wanted me to confirm some ID info to be able to use the balance (ignore that I've had the same paypal account since as along as paypal has been a thing).  Probably some KYC law.  When making a purchase there was no notice anywhere about why the balance wasn't an option.  You had to log into Paypal proper to see it - and even then it didn't explain what was going on.

    (that said, a single time, non-recurring credit card payment isn't a bad idea)

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