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Please improve Challenge mode!

Hi Geoguessr crew, my friends and I really need to see some improvements to Challenge mode! For example, every time we finish a round that others have already played, it only shows us who the current leader's score was in that round. What it should show is who scored the most points for that round and something like a top 5 of every round!

Also there should be an option to play previously played challenges by other people or friends without the need to be given a link, especially if someone forgets to save the link! šŸ˜€

If I have any other ideas I'll be sure to let you guys know! šŸ˜‰
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  • Hi Foxfoe

    Thanks for the feedback! I definitely see your point with the round results. The argument when we decided to only show the leader was that the round result map would be to crowded with more than one other guessing marker. We'll have to try around with this a Ā bit more - perhaps a scoreboard below the round result map with say the top 5 scores would otherwise be a viable middle ground?

  • Yes having the Top 5 or 10 scorers in a list would be excellent, but keeping the map clear of those markers would be a good plan. It would at least be nice to compare your results with more than one person without having to wait until the end of the match! šŸ˜‰
  • If forgetting to save a link is a common problem, may I suggest automatically recording a link to the challenge in the 'my profile' / 'my activities' summary?

    Right now I have entries like:
    Head_KnockuliĀ played WorldĀ and got 11 044 points
    Head_KnockuliĀ played a challenge on WorldĀ and got 25 000 points

    You link the user and the map - it seems like creating a challenge link and posting it somewhere in there would be a trivial amount of work, and some would find it useful.

    With regard to the game/round summary, it'd be nice if the format could be consistent throughout. Ā A small list of the participants, listed in order of rank, should be displayed. Ā Clicking a participant should add their locations and/or guesses to the map for comparison, etc. Ā Color codes would be nice, etc.

  • thanks for the suggestions, it's great to get input from you guys. Challenge link sounds reasonable yes..


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