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Please fix bugs


Love the concept of your game. In fact, I would love to use it in my geography class to teach deductive reasoning, feature recognition and image analysis. Unfortunately, it is very unstable and frequently crashes. I have experienced the screen going blank, sections of the image failing to load, and the map 'spinning' uncontrollably. I use the latest version of Firefox and Flash. School Computers are equipped with Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Please fix this glitch. Thank you for developing this innovative product. I wish your organization all the best!

J. McKinnon
High School Teacher

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  • Hi

    Thank you for trying the beta and for taking the time to give us your feedback!

    Have you noticed any common denominators where these errors seems to occur more often. For example when the computer or network is under heavy load, when you've played the same game for a long time, or anything similar?

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    I'm pretty sure the issue is either with Firefox or Flash. The site works fine on my computer using Internet Explorer, but Firefox is my preferred browser.

  • Hi J

    This seems like it could be a memory issue. We've seen similar problems before especially when using Firefox, we're investigating this at the moment and will hopefully have a fix out soon. I'm hoping that Internet Explorer will suffice for the time being.

    Kind regards


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