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Please consider adding a flat rate instead of monthly payment

Hi Geoguessr team and everyone reading this,

I used to be addicted to this game and play it all the time, but I don't want to play it anymore because of the monthly payment plan that has been instituted. I know my other friends who used to play all feel the same way.

I understand you all deserve some reward for running this website, but may I suggest having users pay a flat rate of something like $10 for lifetime access with updates included?

I'd like to continue playing this game, and even play it years down the road from now.. But I don't want to have to cancel the subscription every time I take a break from it, and then re-subscribe when I'm feeling like playing more.

With a monthly fee, the game is going to cost way more than it's worth over time.

It's a great game and I want to support it, but I don't believe in the principal of the monthly fee. Please consider adjusting it somehow and then you won't lose players!


  • You can already forget the idea of "pay one time and get access forever". The game loses money every time players load the game screen (when you load the streetview picture and the map). This means if you pay $10 and play a lot during the next months, you'll be generating more costs than you paid and the game will go down.

    The alternative is "pay x, get y games", like game packages (ex: pay $5, get 100 games (random numbers here)). This way you actually pay for what you will play, and you can play when you want and don't have to worry about paying too much for the few games you'll play. I really hope they will do that.
  • Imagine CS:GO but you pay for matches
  • What about ad revenue?
    John Ball

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