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Playing opponents in Duels with severely mismatched MMR

Im ranked around 950 in Duels and usually it takes a few seconds to a minute to find someone in the 1100-800 range to play against, leading to a good match. Today and yesterday, I have seen what seems to be either a bug or a deliberate change to decrease the waiting time for a match to be found, leading to me almost always matching up against silvers and bronze players (<700 elo), some of which I match up against with no waiting time and they are in the 200-300 range. This is far from ideal for both me and my opponent for obvious reasons. I understand that the time for match to be found and the MMR difference between players are inversly proportional to each other and what I suspect is that time to find matches for very high ranked players can be exceedingly long, leading to complaints and a change in the algorithm. But for people at my rank it simply produces terrible matches. I should also state that I am usually playing during the downtime of the North American and European playerbase which may be leading to this problem.


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