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Play with colleagues without account?

Hi! I wanna organize a game with colleagues. Is it enough for just me to have a Pro account, or do everyone need to have at least a free account each? Because if it is the latter, it will probably be way too difficult for a lot of my older colleagues...



  • I also don't see a good description/overview of the different multiplayer game modes. The front page is doesn't really give a good overview for someone who's new at this like me. From what I can tell, there's basically two modes for multiplayer: "Battle Royale", and "Country streak"? Is the difference that the former is a game of elimination, while the latter simply sums up points without anyone actually getting eliminated?
  • Hi,

    Battle Royale and Country Streak are some of the game modes but there is also the regular game mode (5 rounds where players need to find where they start).

    On each map you can find the play button, which leads to a menu where you can either start a single player game or a challenge. Challenges are the way to play with other players and can be shared through a link, they also are configurable so you can set a limit per round, limit movement etc.

    There is also a league system that consists of an automated way to create challenges at regular intervals with a leaderboard system.

    Country Streak also has the same challenge functionality than regular games. Battle Royale is different as all players need to play at the same time, you can create custom lobbies and share the link to other players (up to 10 players including yourself).

    Creating challenges, leagues and Battle Royale lobbies require a pro subscription. Joining challenges, leagues and lobbies only require a free account. There is no limit about how many players can join a challenge or a league and no limit about how many challenges or leagues a free player can join. Basically you only need one pro account to set the games, then anyone else can join for free.
  • Thanks for the reply! I will try playing with my colleagues later today.

    A newbie's feedback:
    - It should be more clear what the different modes are and how they work.
    - People should be able to join a game without an account
    - You should be able to get people to have to play simultaneously even in the "regular" challenge mode. That, or increase the no. of possible players in the Battle Royale mode. Very hard to have control of the game when everyone can play at their own pace.
    - In-game, there should be a quick intuitive pop-up explainer or something for what all the buttons do. Just making a guess is quite unintuitive.
    - The score page after each guess in the "regular" challenge mode only shows the score of people who guessed before me and doesn't dynamically update with new guesses coming in, but leaves them empty. I don't know if this is a bug or just bad design.

    If all this got fixed, I bet your popularity would increase quite a bit. The way it is now, it's a bit too cumbersome (having to set up an account for everybody) and confusing (what are the modes, what are the rules, what do the buttons all do?) to easily get into with a bigger group of people. Definitely has potential! 😀
  • Yes many things can be improved especially for new users. The game is quite old now and was very simple before (just the regular game mode, no streak, no battle royale, not even explorer mode etc) so it didn't really need lot of explanations. But with all the new additions it became harder for new users to navigate. They tried an introduction mode at some point but was removed after is was apparently not very successful.

    Accounts are required for many reasons: avoid bots / users to spam the game too much (each started game cost money due to Google Maps API usage so they must control usage to avoid bankruptcy), being able to have a nickname and save the data to display it on leaderboards etc... This is unlikely to change.

    There is no dynamic update of the intermediate leaderboard (the one you see after each guess). It's a very new addition and until Battle Royale was added (even more recently) there was simply no dynamic systems in the game. Now they created a first one with the Battle Royale they may extend it to other modes later.
  • I think it is alright but it doesn't really give a good overview though.

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