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Placed in the wrong spot.

I was playing as usual, and I was set in one of the pictures that a person took. Obviously I wasn't on a road, but I still tried clicking to see where it would place me. Clicking off to the side I was sent to a clearly Russian place, I thought this seemed off. There was a sign nearby, so I looked up where that would be and put in that location. I was 100% sure that I put in the correct location for the sign, but I was originally placed supposedly in New Caledonia supposedly. This being clearly not Russian, and in fact being an island nearby Australia I had no idea how I got placed there. Better yet, it seems to have been 14,223 km (8838 mi). I seen a previous post, with the suggestion of a report button for the location. I think this would be best to be able to weed out these off locations.

Jaden S. Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Jaden,

    That sounds like bug, we've had a few reports of similar bugs recently so we're on it!

    If it ever happens again, please copy the challenge url at the final screen and post it here, that will help us to determine what's wrong and maybe remove the location.

    Thanks for playing and providing us with feedback, it sure helps us to improve the game!


    The rio de janiero - saud arabian sahara is wrong (the picture is a train stations bike storage with a sign on the wall listing officials of rio de janiero, while in that spot in the sahara theres no sign of any civilization in 50km) fix it pls.

    Sz. P.
  • Hi Sz

    Thank you for the link! This issue stems from something called photo spheres which are user generated Google Street View locations. These are sometimes placed in incorrect locations and we're currently looking into ways of resolving this. If you want to read more, there is an ongoing discussion at

    Thank you giving us your feedback!
    Kind regards


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