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Placed in the wrong spot.

I was playing as usual, and I was set in one of the pictures that a person took. Obviously I wasn't on a road, but I still tried clicking to see where it would place me. Clicking off to the side I was sent to a clearly Russian place, I thought this seemed off. There was a sign nearby, so I looked up where that would be and put in that location. I was 100% sure that I put in the correct location for the sign, but I was originally placed supposedly in New Caledonia supposedly. This being clearly not Russian, and in fact being an island nearby Australia I had no idea how I got placed there. Better yet, it seems to have been 14,223 km (8838 mi). I seen a previous post, with the suggestion of a report button for the location. I think this would be best to be able to weed out these off locations.

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