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Pissed Off in Paris

100 meters off = 2000+ point penalty?

1.4 km off means I only get 49 points?

Both these things just happened on a map I was playing. Is it because the map was in a limited area? If so, fair enough, but I'd like someone to confirm that. Does a map limited to a city result in different scoring, because it is based on a percentage of the distance within the actual area of the map?

Please explain, thanks.


  • Scores depend of the map size as they're calculated based of the bounds of the map. This way, a city map will be more demanding than a world map. It makes sense to have almost no point when you guess on the other side of the city.

    But below 15 meters you'll always get 5000 points. This wasn't the case before, I asked the devs to add this since it was stupid to lose a point for guessing more than 10cm in city maps (no joking, London map required to guess less than 10cm to get full points before).

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