Picture update speed

Pictures take forever to update; about 15 sec. per frame. I sit on a 40 Mbit network, but there is hardly any activity. But both processors (intel 2 x 3GHz / 8Gb RAM / Nvidia graphics /Debian8 & Firefox 68.9.0) are running flat out.

This stinks on ice.

I don't know what you have done, but you have managed to ruin your own great game all by yourself; a few years back, all ran perfectly smooth on a much smaller machine and with less network...

I'm cancelling my account now, and i won't be back.

All the best in the future.
Won't see you -

Kim B.C. Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Kim,

    Sorry that you have experienced this. Since we have not had similar reports recently I would guess that it could be a local issue.

    You can try some of the troubleshooting tips in this guide that might sort it (it is intended for Black Screen but have also sorted issue with the street view).


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