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Photospheres not showing in the new map maker

I also posted this on reddit, but I am reposting it here, as I hope that this is read by one of the developers.

Firstly, I appreciate the work the Geoguessr team is doing on improving the project.

However, I am shocked to see that the new map maker - which will replace the old one on the 12th of October, does not show photospheres!

This would make it effectively impossible to incoorporate photospheres into our new maps. Photospheres are a unique form of Geoguessr as they are in (almost) all countries of the world and do not contain the 'standard' Google meta. If photospheres were to be removed from the Map Creator, these unique maps would dissapear, which, as a player, I would greatly regret.

As a map creator, I am currently working on a map based entirely on photospheres and their removal from the Map Maker would make it impossible for me to finish my map, rendering the many hours I have spent on this map useless.

I understand that for some map creators, who only use official Google Street View coverage, photospheres clutter their map. However, for many other creators, photospheres are absolutely essential.

I believe that the best solution would be to either show photospheres as in the old Map Maker, or to include a toggle with photospheres on or off.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to reinstate photospheres in the new map maker. I understand that this might take some time, so I hope that the old map maker can stay in place until photospheres are fully included in the new version.


  • We are looking into if we will add the photospheres to the new map maker. There are some in the new one, but perhaps not all. So we are checking the coordinates šŸ™‚
  • What would be the rationale for not including photospheres in the new map maker?
  • Photospheres are still here, they are just not visible in the editor. You can click where a photosphere exists and select them (you can look on Google Maps for now to find spots). The problem just comes from the blue line layer which is the wrong one: it will only display regular Google coverage and all coverage only on a few zoom levels. If they use the layer from the previous map maker, it will be fixed.

    There is no such "There are some in the new one, but perhaps not all" with Google's API. You can't select which photosphere will appear on the map, you just get all of them. The reason to not display photospheres is probably because some map makers don't want them but that's not the best way to do it. Anyways we now have custom home-made map editors to deal with photospheres so the official map maker should keep them for people using photospheres in their maps.
  • Yeppers we are looking into it as we speak šŸ‘
  • Is there any news regarding the addition of photospheres to the new map maker?
  • Still working on it, but have not sorted it yet.

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