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Photosphere Toggle For Map Makers

Hi, sorry if this has been requested in the past:

I think it'd be handy for map-makers to be able to toggle whether photospheres are used on their maps (rather than disabling photospheres for every map, which I understand can lose some off-road data). This would be super helpful when creating maps from scraped location data, as points aren't manually placed, and scraped data is often good, but not quite perfect.

It looks like this street view API option would allow this to be implemented, though I only briefly looked into this



  • It was already requested and while this setting can work to avoid photosphere (or any kind of unofficial coverage) it also disables all official off-road coverage which can be a problem as some countries are only covered with this kind of data (even if it's on roads).

    There is no way to correctly filter unofficial coverage and Google has been completely silent about this suggestion in the past years.
  • Hey Mapper, thanks for the reply! Sorry about the duplicate suggestion.

    It's annoying that Google doesn't offer better control over this, hopefully they get round to offering better filtering for street view future (especially with how much they charge for the maps API these days).

    I still think there could be a use-case for this, for user-created maps created in regions with good official coverage (where the map maker can judge that they don't need off-road coverage), but I understand that this might see limited use, and that it could cause some heavy confusion for users.
    Thanks again,

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