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Photosphere Loading Problem

There is something which I noticed about photospheres not being able to load after loading a certain number of them. This doesn't happen on Google Maps or anywhere else, so it's probably not a browser problem. There seems to be a limit on how much photosphere data can be loaded/cached at one time. So it seems the data from loading photospheres in GeoGuessr is being stored somewhere so when you next time click on a photosphere you clicked before it will load faster. But after loading a certain number of photospheres, a limit of some kind seems to be hit and the game wouldn't be able to load any other photospheres for some time until that cache or something is being cleared/refreshed or something. If you wait some time and do something else, and go back to GeoGuessr, the photospheres would be able to load again until you hit that limit again. The limit can also be hit in the middle of the loading of a photosphere, so parts of it would stay blurry if you try to load it then. Note that this problem is unrelated to the deleted photosphere/not working photosphere one. This problem occurs both on the photospheres in the map maker and in user created/official maps, so it can ruin the experience on such maps, which contain a lot of photospheres. The problem does not occur on the official Google street view though, and it can load even when the photospheres stop loading. Not sure if this would be helpful in any way, but I decided to post it here.
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