Photosphere black hole.

I've created maps. While I only select road or trail locations when I revisit the map I've noticed on more than one occasion that photospheres have hijacked my map. It seems that photospheres grab nearby locations. Can anything be done about this? Other times I have found the problem while creating a map, but this is easier to spot. I will click a blue highlighted street but then a near by photosphere loads instead of the location I clicked. The only thing I have found to avoid this is to avoid photospheres, but this can also mean avoiding iconic locations. A click on the map should be a specific and exact location not the closest photosphere. It ruins the game.
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  • Sadly there is no solution to this. Google doesn't provide any efficient tool to deal with photospheres or unofficial coverage and has been completely silent to our requests for years. Google's recent policies encouraging people doing Street View themselves to save money is progressively destroying the service and we can't do anything against this as long as people are ok to work for Google for free.

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