performance issues

Moving is painfully slow. its like a mouse is stuck + rendering of satellite images takes a while. doing street view on google maps is much snappier. I cleared cache. I looked at the task manager, and nothing seems to be even close to 100% utilization. I have 32GB of RAM. using Chrome.(n 91.0.4472.124 ). Not sure how else to troubleshoot.

P.S tried running this on MS Edge - but the site doesnt even load. get some error that page cant be displayed.
Stephen Jackson


  • Hi Stephen,

    Have you tried disabling Hardware Acceleration in the browser or disabling extensions/plugins and see if it works better?

    You can send me an email to in case the issue persists.

  • Disabling? from what I've read, the suggestion was to enable it. But i'll try and report back.
    Stephen Jackson
  • sent email
    Stephen Jackson

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