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Payment concern (with PayPal from Canada)

I tried to sign up for a pro account billed yearly. When I go to pay with PayPal, it says my total is $0 followed by ~44 CAD per year after the 7 day free trial. This is incorrect. At the discounted yearly price of 1.99 USD / month, it should only be ~30 CAD / year. Why is PayPal saying it's going to charge me at the non-discounted rate? If I agree to that price, will the price be correct when it actually issues the charge in 7 days? Or is this an actual issue that needs to be addressed before I can pay?


  • Hi,

    The price in CAD is 44.28 while the price in USD is 23.88 per year.
  • Can I ask why? From an outside perspective that seems arbitrary, and it isn't advertised anywhere so it was a bit of a shock to see on the checkout screen
  • We have a ticket in the backlog to fix the initial screen since it should not be stated as USD there and then CAD one the checkout screen. I agree that is not cool. I believe it appeared when we changed the payment system that it did not reflect on both pages.
  • There's two things wrong here:
    1) Your initial screen mentions USD instead of CAD
    2) Your true price is 44.28 CAD, which is significantly greater than the ~ 30 CAD that 23.88 USD converts into.

    Any reason you are gouging Canadian customers?
  • Same here this is beyond stupid, I have to pay $10 extra dollars even factoring in conversion because GeoGuesser Devs are greedy?

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