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Paying for geoguessr subscription despite cancelling?

Hi, I seem to be paying for a geoguessr subscription out of my bank account, yet I cancelled the subscription a few months ago, and do not have geoguessr pro activated on my account.
I did previously have another account, but I no longer remember what email it was under, and anyway, I don't remember signing up for geoguessr pro on it. What's going on? am I maybe paying for a friend's subscription and I forgot? Am I paying for pro on my old account? Is something else happening? Also, Is there any way I could be refunded for my payments?
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  • Hi, I discovered which email I was using, and as it turns out I had indeed been paying for pro on my old account for a long time despite not having used the account for a very long time. I have now cancelled the subscription and deleted the account, but I specifically remember cancelling my pro subscription, and have not used that account for a long time, despite still paying. Is there any chance I could be refunded for these payments, as I believe they are not reasonable as the account has been inactive.
    Marc Wion

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