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Pay for only one year


The game is really nice and I understand the fact that Google Maps API asks for money.

I've already read this question which answer my question : but it was one year ago and I don't know if this information is no longer available.

I want to pay for one year only to test GeoGuessr and then delete my information about my credit card in my account (I don't want my credit card info to be on GeoGuessr), is there an option to pay only one year and not every year or should I cancel after the trial ?

Sorry for my english, I'm french !

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  • The Paypal plan is what fits more you're looking for. It doesn't give your bank info (but Paypal will have it, obviously, even if you can remove it there after) and you can cancel the subscription when you want. You won't lose a single day of pro as you keep it for the whole year even after canceling the subscription.
  • Thank you for the answer but isn't it possible to delete my credit card information after I cancel my subscription ?
    I really don't want this information to be saved on the net
  • That's the point of Paypal: avoid letting your card info everywhere. Instead you can create a Paypal account and put money on it (either once with a one-time card payment or by providing a bank account, in your case the first way is what you probably want to use) then you can use Paypal to pay on other websites like GeoGuessr. Then you can remove the info from Paypal if you want.

    Just remember that on internet you'll have to put your bank info somewhere at some point, that's inevitable. Paypal just offers a layer between you and the other websites. Note that I talk about Paypal because that's the only payment accepted by GeoGuessr outside of the regular credit card way, this service is not affiliated with the game in any way.
  • It's not possible to pay on credit card and delete the information until I paid regarding GDPR ? I've already paid with my credit card

    I want to pay myself to be sure I won't have any surprises in my bank account with automatic payment.
  • You can change the card in and it will remove the other one. Maybe you can try put random numbers instead.

    Otherwise it's up to the devs to do something.
  • Hi Kevin,

    I see that you've bought a subscription using the credit card option. We don't store your information, it's our payment provider stripe ( similar to PayPal. We can't even see your information except for the last 4 digits.

    Anyway, I've deleted your card information from stripe also.

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