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Paid, but no access!

Hi, I paid on 4th December and still have no more than 1 game access.  What's going on?
Sandy Good


  • Hi Sandy,

    Did you login with this email? Or could you have another account also? I just had a look and the account connected to the email you used here has a pro subscription. Could you try to log out and then login again to make sure you are on the right account? (It have happened that people have created two accounts where one has a typo in the address for example..)

    Let me know if it that's not the case.

  • Of course, you were right!  Thank you, all sorted now.  Thanks for your prompt response.


    Sandy Good
  • I have the same problem with my account.

    Can you help me?

  • Hi Arthur send us an email to with the last 4 digits and expiration date on the card you used (or the email address to your PayPal account if you used PayPal for the purchase) and we'll find your account.



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