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Outstanding work - Love GeoGuessr!

Outstanding program. Playing for one day, and I am hooked. I have learned how to use Google translate, how to type in cyrillic, and most importantly: We live in a truly beautiful world. There is always something fascinating to see - even in the middle of "nowhere".

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  • Hi MapLuvr

    Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to hear! I couldn't agree more, I still get amazed by some of the locations I end up at.

    Thanks for playing!


  • It's great fun (when it isn't aggravating) to figure out Cyrillic words. It took me a while to realize that 99.9% of Russian road signs were ads - I have never seen so many billboards and banners - a blight. With so few directional signs - highways numbers, city names, street signs - I wonder how Russians find their way around. Anyway, I've bookmarked the Wikipedia Russian alphabet page, and when worse comes to worst, I use the Cyrillic keyboard. What impresses and saddens me most is the overall shabbiness of the country, the disrepair and dust, and the obvious poverty - while the billionaires live it up on the Riviera. (Speaking of which, you've sent me to the south of France precious few times, but I'm amazed by how open and lush France still is.)

    Does Italy have any straight roads at all?

    And thanks guys for finally sending me to Turkey! Never been, always wanted to go - and I was in exactly the region I wanted, the northeast near the Black Sea and Georgia. Impressive country. Same with Argentina - seeing more of it, would love to see even more. Another gorgeous country I'd seen only in tourist brochures. I could use much less Ozzie Outback - I mean, seen it once seen it all, and no signs forever and no landmarks! Brazil too - nicer countryside but please, put up some signs! Even one per hundred kilometers (it seems) would help. It's interesting to see a dirt road from satellite only to find street views of newly paved highways - and try to figure out if you're in the right place.

    Anyway, I'm having more fun with Geoguessr now than when I started. It's not the perfect games - it's the desktop travel I love.

  • Glad you enjoy it William! It's fascinating how you can travel the world from your desktop.. I don't have the same patience with Cyrillic signs, I'm really impressed guys with your dedication!



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