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Other players guessing before the count has finished

On several games I have recently played, other players have been able to guess before the countdown has finished so that, as soon as the count finishes and I am able to guess, I am already knocked out. How is this possible?


  • Do you mean that they guess correct within the lock-period in battle royale countries or which game mode?
  • I had this too on battle royale yesterday. I've had a pre-game countdown of 30 seconds and I can see other people guessing and 'heads up, you haven't guessed yet' coming up before my countdown has finished and I can start.
  • Filip
  • Nope, that's set to 'on' and has been forever. I should say that I've been playing for months and this only happened yesterday and seemed to coincide with the countdown between rounds being increased to 30 seconds.

    I've also been kicked out of a game with the 'you didn't guess' message with apparently some time left according to the timer bar, and just had a game where I guessed, got the 'you didn't guess' message and then got the 'congrats, you're in the next round' message and did indeed get in the next round.
  • ... in fact, now I'm paying attention to the timer it looks like my rounds are all finishing with about 10-20% of the timer bar left.
  • Sounds like a local device issue, but send an email to with the URL to the rounds it has happened in, along with:

    - Troubleshooting done
    - Browser and version
    - Extensions/Plugins if any
    - Operating system

    And will see if we can locate it from our end.
  • OK, I restarted and windows did an update and now everything seems to be working fine, and the countdown between rounds is back at 15 instead of 30. I have no idea how the countdown length could change but if others had the 15 countdown when I had the 30 that would explain them starting earlier and me finishing before the timer expired. So, um, I'm OK for now, but there was definitely something going on there and I suspect the same thing happened with Dan up there.

    (Firefox 99.0.1, Windows 10.)

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