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Options for high school teachers?

Have you considered any options for high school teachers?  Most secondary teachers have at least 100 students and cannot afford $200 a month (possibly not even $200 a year...).  We social studies teachers absolutely LOVE Geoguessr, but the price options are so much higher than other comparable geography competitions (check out to see what we're used to paying). My students are heartbroken to hear my announcement that we would not longer be able to play, but naturally very understanding about education budgets. If you put any affordable annual subscriptions into place for secondary teachers, we'd love it. Thanks so much for creating an engaging and exciting geography competition!
Terese Quenette


  • They said they're studying changes for schools:

    Note that Google takes money every time a Geoguessr game is started. This is very expensive, especially since last year they multiplied prices by 14. FanSchool is probably not using an expensive service to run their game, that's why they can allow lower prices.

    Do you have an idea of how many games are played per month in school context? This could be very interesting data that can help devs to study new prices.

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