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Option to remove ongoing/unfinished games

Hi guys, please give us the option to remove unfinished ongoing games from our account! I know that the unfinished games are in their own section on the site, but it would be good to not have to see a list of games that you never want to play again, and only show the ones you want to come back to.

Thanks 😃


  • Agree with this. Many times one tries a map that result not to be what you expected and they keep filling the list.

    +1 To this request.
  • Hi guys,

    Yeah this seems like a popular request, we'll investigate.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • please create a spot on the ongoing games page so i can delete ongoing games
    Sara Tracy
  • Any progress in this investigation? It is amazing how quickly ongoing games build up. Please update... it IS 2020!
  • I make my "spot" placement very carefully based on the photos used - when the actual spot is hundreds of meters from where it should be, that's a problem. I take pride is scoring 25000 points per game and would appreciate the opportunity to remove what I consider to be BAD games based on poor locations. Thanks for the ability to vent a bit - just had one of those BAD games... 593.9 meters from correct. Love the game otherwise - the World Map is my favorite - nice and challenging
  • 18 months have passed, Mikael - still waiting for a "delete" option for ongoing games. I have several in which it is impossible to move in any direction, so cannot travel in search of clues. I'm on the point of giving up on geoguessr as this is so frustrating!
    Martin Rickerd
  • Hi,

    At last there's a delete button!
    Sorry it took so long and thanks for the suggestion.

  • Many thanks - that's great!
    Martin Rickerd
  • Awesome - Thanks for the much needed ‘Delete’ button.
  • The delete button is great,

    I usually end up with a backlog of quite many ongoing games,since I quite often tries a few rounds on my own maps without finishing, so it won't affect the score/history. Or just gets busy.

    Would it be possible to get a "delete all" button too? (or maybe delete all older than two weeks or so)
    Max Sikström
  • Definitely second the idea for a "delete all" function – perhaps being able to sort and filter ongoing games, with select all or checkboxes or similar for which games to delete...
  • I've got 100s of these unfinished games. I don't have time to delete them one by one. Can you (GeoGuessr) please delete them all for me?
    Dadge City
  • No do not have that option on the backend to bulk delete games Im afraid.

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