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Option to disable moving around in challenges

Right now, at the GeoGuessr-subreddit, there's an discussion going on about the different rulesets used there. Some of these rulesets restrict moving around and rotating.

Thinking about this, I figured it might be a great idea to add extra options when creating challenges in GeoGuessr, with tickboxes for example. The main addition would be the possibility to restrict moving around in a challenge so you can only rotate and zoom your view. That could lead to some very interesting challenges.



  • Hi Carel

    That certainly is an interesting option. We've discussed the optional rulesets for a while and there are a few that could really add something to the game. The big challenge, in my opinion, is adding these in a way that adds something without making it too complicated. However, rest assured that we're thinking about it!

    Kind regards,

  • Nothing on this front yet?
  • Yes, this would be really nice. Also an option for no camera moving would be cool too.

  • no camera moving nor zooming*
  • In order to do this, the Google Maps API would have to offer a way to block all movements. Sadly, there is no way. It is possible to hide the arrows but nothing blocks players to use their keyboard to move around. It will be frame by frame, so still very slow, but moving one frame can be gamechanger if the starting location is right next a big road sign with all clues for example. I guess some idea like teleporting the player back to the start if a new panorama is loaded can work but it would be more like a hack than something else.

    I still think a non moving gamemode with the arrows disabled would be a nice addition.

    About no camera moving, I don't think that's possible either. The only way I can think to achieve that is to load the panorama pictures and display them like a still image, without all the Streetview code. not sure how hard this would be.

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