Option to choose OSM base map


I wonder if there's a plan on adding a setting to choose the base map in game (as in Koomot, OSM, OpenRouteService...) to select between, at least, Google Maps and "Standard" OSM?
I ask this because it's a common feature, and Google base map is really... unreadable and not always up to date/precise, and lacks lots of infos displayed, and has strange behavior with zoom levels.

This would really improve playability imho.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    Its nothing we have discussed as of yet. But we have some features for Maps in general we will focus on in the upcoming months. Removing Black Screens, faulty locations etc. So we will start with that.
  • Ok, thanks for the answer!
    Meanwhile, do you think it may be "easily" doable to replace Maps with OSM via a WebExtension, or is it not worth it I hit my teeth that hard on my keyboard on that problem?

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