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Oops! Something Went Wrong error

Hi! I've played GeoGuessr for years, and it's my favorite! But starting sometime on Nov. 1, 2018, I started getting just a solid white screen saying, "Oops! Something Went Wrong! This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See JavaScript console for details." What does this mean? Is there anything I or the GeoGuessr team can do to fix it? I love this game and I have the premium subscription, I don't want to lose it!!
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  • Two days in a row and no maps. I am paying for this subscription and I cannot play. It says see Java Script console for more details.Please help!!!! This is my favorite game of all time. Bloom3409
    Chris Bloom
  • Guys, this is getting annoying!
    My favorite game is not working. Please fix it!
    Gertie Endres
  • Please fix this.
    Jay Scott
  • Me too!!  I am bummed!

    Kam Q
  • yes, I have been experiencing these same problems as well recently around November 1, 2018! the same problem is occurring on my school computers as well as my personal computer!
    landry judd
  • Just woke up thinking if last night they didn't fix it by the morning they will, buuuuut.... this is now very very sad, weekend is passing by no game for true players, sad sad sad
    Sergio B
  • It looks like the problem is money. Google recently exploded the prices for using Google Maps API services. This kills many projects and Geoguessr may be another victim. If the devs can't find a way to get better prices or generate more money then it will be over. If you want to blame someone then blame Google for doing shit with broken services and abusive costs.
  • Smells like that's the case. At my company's website small side map won't load anymore and says the same thing about javascript. Same at some other sites. Google greedy morons!!!!

    Sergio B
  • Hi guys, It should finally be back up again! Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll look over our routines so this won't happen again.

    have a nice weekend!
  • Hooray. Seems fixed now. 08:07 20181103 UTC
    Andrew Wilde

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