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One time payment.

Make the payment for Geoguesser a onetime payment. I don’t want to sign up but would be happy to buy once.
Ben Crofts


  • Hi Ben!

    For the moment we do not offer a single payment for our Pro Subscription. What we have right now is either monthly or annually.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Have a good night and stay safe!
  • Hi Filip! Any chance there will ever be a one-time payment for the service? Ben's complaint was the same as mine regarding the inability to pay once for Geoguessr and the inconveniences and annoyances of a subscription service. We both feel the subscription model is confusing, sluggish, and unfit for a computer game like Geoguessr. Please let us know if there's any chance this model can change because we both love Geoguessr and only want the best for it.

    Thanks, Luke
    Luke Orlando
  • This is simply not possible because every time you play you cost money. GeoGuessr loads data from Google and it's not cheap at all (Google even multiplied their prices 14 times at once in 2018, definitively killing any hope of a free GeoGuessr). So if you pay only once then you will start to cost them more money than you paid at some point and this is obviously not a good thing for them.

    The only way would be buying game packs, like buy 50 games for x <insert here your currency> but now they added many more game modes that have different pace of play it's quite complicated to define how it would work. One game of battle royale lasts around a minute or two why a regular game can last indefinitely so it's obvious both won't worth the same for you (but still costs the same for them, that's the trick). This is why subscriptions are simpler to manage the costs.
  • Dang alright, didn't know all that. Thanks for the detailed response
    Luke Orlando

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