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One month gift card?


I know that you traditionally only offer a gift card for a one-year subscription, but I was wondering if a one-month gift card could be available for purchase as well, given the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus quarantines and lockdowns. Less than a year from now, my friend hopes to be traveling again in person - I believe this temporary situation is when a one-month gift card would really brighten someone’s day.


  • Hi Jeanne,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I know we thought about it but I think we decided not to have a monthly gift card due to the pricing and charges per sold gift card (it's a third party service). I'll have a look again!

  • Hi,
    It would be nice to buy e.g. 8 monthly gift cards, which you could then give to your friends to invite them to geoguessr?
  • Hi,
    I'd like to push this suggestion up again and want to ask you to consider this again.
    I would love to get a few friends to try out Geoguessr by buying them a month's subscription.
    If the additional charges for the third party provider for single months would be too high, I really like hamfred's suggestion. Offer a "pack" of single month codes that we can then hand out to people.
    It could be something like a pack of 6 but I think even a pack of 12 would be cool (and wouldn't come with higher costs to you) because people could use it for themselves as well if they know they're playing more irregularly and don't want a continuous subscription. Just make it a bit more expensive per month than a full yearly subscription for the convenience of being able to use it whenever you like.
  • Heyo!

    A combined Pack would be a cool idea, I will look into this further and see if its something we can add in the tool we use for the gift cards!

  • I think it would be cool to buy a pack of 1mo subscriptions.

    Maybe, if nothing else- 12 one-month sub cards?
  • Hi,

    I do not think the tool we are using can have the setting for a combined pack, but its a cool idea and I will look further into it! 😀


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