One free, awful map?!

What a real shame that you've limited our plays of any decent map to one per 24 hours. The world map is crap.

I like this game, my bf and I would occasionally wind down and play together for fun, but we dont play enough to warrant a monthly charge, and now you've lost our ad revenue too, because we likely wont play again. I get the need to charge, but not a monthly cost sorry. Maybe a once off small charge with the option to watch ads (I do that for games I really like) but you've ruined it.

What a dang shame.  Good luck with everything but you've lost two players.


  • Hello Mel and other people reading this

    I completely understand your frustration. Why would you limit your users to 1 map a day?
    Those who signed up and gave you their email adress.
    Whats the benefit of that?

    I have to log out now to be able to keep playing.
    That's ridiculous!


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