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Offensive name

Could you please look into his user: "niggerjewslitter"
It's for obvious reasons a very offensive (racist) name...


  • I happened to play with an user named "MainManHitler" today, who also uses a portrait of this man as a profile picture, should be banned imo.
    Generally a feature for reporting such users would be helpful i guess.
  • But it’s the freedom of speech, just don’t pay attention much to such names. Hitler is part of the history that can’t be changed. It makes no sense...
  • GeoGuessr has no responsibility to allow free publicity for idiot trolls and extremist numbskulls. It should either filter the names out or flag them for review.
    Dadge City
  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for reporting this!

    We are looking into a better solution for this. For the time being you can report players by sending an email to

    Thanks again!

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