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Number of rounds in a game as a setting

This suggestion relates to an old post (, but seeing how many people replied to it in the past few weeks, I think it is still very relevant and deserves more visibility.

The idea is to be able to change the number of rounds in a game or challenge (5 by default). Several use cases have been shared (feel free to reply with some more):
- geography lessons at school
- custom maps with 6 to <100 locations for one-shot games with friends/family/community
- easier streak record attempts

This idea apparently has been in the backlog for years, but devs seem to think too few people are concerned, and I tend to disagree. I personally became a Pro member precisely for making private custom maps for my friends.

Besides, I'm almost certain that this feature can be developed quite quickly and easily, and as a developer I'd be glad to help for free if there was a forkable git repo...

Thanks and have a nice day


  • Clarification about why 5-round games are not good for custom maps with <100 locations: it's almost impossible to play every single location on such maps without encountering tens of repetitions of already played locations.
  • I'd like to see these changes implemented as well. Manual control of how many rounds per map and seeing all locations per map, instead of random locations and seeing repeats.

    Victor Andrioli
  • I really wish i could play more than 5 rounds. I actually just bought the pro membership assuming I would be able to play unlimited rounds if I wanted to.  It seems absurd to me that we wouldn't have a " unlimited rounds" mode where I could just keep going from spot to spot.

    TBH I'll probably canceling my membership because of this reason
    Zach Price
  • Any answers from CM or devs maybe ?
    Paul Lagouanelle
  • We do not have current plans on change a classic game from 5 games to 10, but who knows what will happen in the future 🙂
  • My use case is a corporate team building event where everyone has submitted a landmark from where they grew up. I need to visit all of them exactly once.

    As a workaround, I'm about to split my custom map with 30 locations into 6 smaller maps of 5 locations. Then I'll move to the next map after each game so I can visit every location without repeats.

    The export/import CSV feature should help a lot, but it's still annoying to need extra preparation and extra steps during the event.
  • I would also love to see this implemented! It would be so fun to make maps of places that come in a chronological sequence, like winners of Eurovision, or things that come in a certain number, like all UNESCO world heritage sites in a certain country. I often find maps with fun themes but won't play them more than once because it is so annoying getting repeats.
  • Would love to be able to manually set how many in each round, I have a map set of ~100 places, but its impossible and a little annoying going through and getting the same ones each time you play again. Should be a pretty straight forward option.
  • Please make this a thing. Not sure why the GeoGuessr team hasn't implimented this. I'd pay more money to have this at this point.

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