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Nowhere to go

Hi there,

I've twice been dropped in places where there was nowhere to go.

Once I was dropped in a kayak on a river where I could go a few feet forward and a few feet backward, but that's it.

The other was a place where there were no clickable directions. Just stuck stuck in one place with the ability to turn around.

Help, please?

Is that some glitch?

Otherwise, love it!


  • Those places are not a glitch, it's just what we call photospheres. Photospheres are 360° pictures taken by people like you on me and uploaded on Google Maps. It's not from Google. You can see the name of the photographer on the bottom right corner of the screen: if it's not Google, then it's a photosphere made by someone else.

    Most of them are unique, so there is no movement possible. In addition to this, Google often removes connections between photospheres (probably a glitch). And on top of that, photospheres often load very slowly, or just won't load...

    Usually photospheres are selected by Geoguessr in countries without Streetview. India will have most of them since it's a huge country filled with photospheres and no Streetview. Germany is the other country with many of them and the rest of the World will be the rest.

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