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not showing same locations in duels and battle royal

Have been having this problem lately where the maps would show a incorrect location, for me but what I can only assume is the correct location for my opponent leading to me getting killed in 3 or less rounds. A example is that I will in the first round after finishing a game spawn in the same location as my last game ended on. I would therefore instinctively guess in the same area only to find that it was 4000km away in Peru or smth like that. After this has happened it will in most of my cases happen to the remaining rounds as well. I would find signs that point to lets say Berlin in a German speaking country only to lock it in there and see my opponent get it right near the capital of Thailand. I would after losing, go into the game breakdown and click the locations and see that none of the correct locations where where I had previously spawned.

Lucas Helio


  • Hiya!

    We are aware of the issue and it derives from Black Screens and broken panoramas.

    We are working on some fixes for this currently that we hope will resolve it. In case you get any examples of games and rounds this occurs in, feel free to send them on to

    Thanks in advance!

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