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No "Show More" button in liked maps

Hi there.

When I look at my "liked maps" I only get to see 8 rows of liked maps, and there is no "show more" button. This used to be a problem that then got fixed, but now it's back for some reason. I've tried liking an extra map to see that I don't just like exactly 24 maps, but it just shifts everything one place and I still only see the last 24 liked maps. Using Chrome in Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.
Milbrandt 🦆


  • Hi,

    That is a bug that occurs when you unpublished maps have been liked and then it cuts off after 21 I believe. We have it in the backlog to fix 👍
  • I see.
    To be clear I mean the maps that other people made and that I liked. I guess those are by definition published, right?
    So not talking about maps that I made myself.
    Hope this clears things up.
    Milbrandt 🦆
  • Yeah other created Maps as well 🙂

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