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No photospheres on new map editor ?

I've tried the new map editor for a little bit, and I was surprised to see that the photospheres do not appear on the map anymore. Is this a glitch ? A lot of custom maps make a great use of photospheres and it would be quite sad is it wasn't possible to make map using them anymore. A lot of cool custom maps (including the ones in editor's choice) make great use of the photospheres.

A cool option (I do not know if this is feasable) would even be to by able to select to only show photospheres, only show streetview coverage, or show both, or being able to select or show coverage / photospheres based on the year it was taken.

A little Eileen


  • We are looking into if we will add 3rd party footage to the new map maker. There are some in the new one, but perhaps not all.
  • Please do not remove 3rd party photospheres from the maps. You can add it as an option so that if someone doesn't want them, they can remove them if you're concerned about that. But please just keep them visible if you want them there. They're honestly the most fun part of Geoguessr and you can make some really funny maps with them.
  • We are working on adding them, there is an issue with the overlay that does not single them out in the new map maker currently.
  • Oh alright. I was just worried. Thanks for the reply

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