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No more "recent activities" in maps: kinda disappointed.

in the last days I've seen a change in the "map title" pages.

There was a "recent activities" column on the left and "highscore" to the right, now it's just highscore all across.

The "recent activities", as a Map Maker, were useful feedback:
- I could do maintenance to the map checking what the latest player found (removing locations that changed, eg)
- I can reciprocate playing maps of the person, if any.
- I can send friend requests and involve players in challenges later.

The "highscore" doesn't give me any feedback.

May we have the "recent activities" back, please?

Fabio Galletti


  • Thank you! I already wanted to ask the same question. ;-)

    Especially in popular maps you only see the high scores of some "25.000 points, 0 meter difference, solved in 10 seconds" cheaters. Nobody needs that.
    A European
  • Happily enough, seems my 25.000 are reasonable people that took the time to do it right.

    But, again, that almost static highscores doesn't help me as Map Maker to have feedback and check if the map works.

    To say, in one of the "recent activities" I found out that someone had four reasonable scores and one totally out.
    I checked, the pin I set was captured by a new photosphere that wasn't there when I did the map.
    So the player landed inside an hotel room with no way to move out or guess anything, not on the streets outside that hotel where the electric car charger is.

    (One may ask why snap a photosphere of a nitty-gritty hotel room, but that's another story)
    Fabio Galletti
  • I agree, it was really helpful as a mapmaker and i don't understand why they removed it.
  • Maybe it was creating too much database requests and with the increase of activity the game lately got after the introduction of the battle royale it was becoming too stressful for the servers so they had to cut some stuff. That's the only logical reason I can find, the other one being just a mistake they did.
  • No idea.

    Still, even a temporary "recent activities" that expires in a few days, limited to "player did X points in those 5 pins" would be enough.
    I don't need a complete backlog of everything, just a glimpse of the last couple of challenges.
    Sack the data for the highscore, if servers need some elbow room. I don't need that.
    Fabio Galletti
  • I may have found the reason why maps don't have activity feed anymore after someone shared a way to get free challenge links (they shared it because it doesn't work anymore).

    The game has an API that allows fetching data from the database. For example to load a map list, the activity feed etc. This can be used by anyone even if it's not supposed to be a public API. Turns out the activity feed on map pages could give challenge links though the API, allowing people to gather all of them and have tons of free games (since challenge links are free to play).

    Obviously this is not without consequence for the game as each played game costs money for using Google Maps data. Some people probably abused it and generated too much costs and the devs had to stop this by removing the activity feed...

    Devs already make an effort by letting people playing challenge links for free and people still try to abuse it as much as possible. Result: we do not have activity feed anymore. It could have been worse as they could just block challenge links for free users but they didn't... If people still try to abuse the system then one day it may happen.

    I can't confirm that's the reason but I bet it is. Maybe this can be fixed by simply removing the challenge ID from the API result.
  • smh.
    "Smugglers, I hate those guys" (quote)
    Fabio Galletti
  • Trying to help catch smugglers.

    The"recent activities" on maps are gone, but there is still some traces on "activities", the main menu.
    It's quite limited, but if a friend plays one of my maps, I got the link to the data.

    Those are all friends blurred, the third one played a map I created.

    One way, may be a limited way to get feedback, as a map maker.

    On the other hand, it may be a backdoor for smugglers, as the data and the links still exist, only the "easy to find" link in map front page is disappeared.

    Fabio Galletti
  • Unfortunately, no comment from the developers so far.

    The links exist anyway. Every player has them in his/her own activity. As Mapper suggested it should be possible to filter out the challenges in the activities of a map, so that only the regular games are shown.

    Another solution might be to show the activities of a map in the activities of the map creator and not only the activities of the friends.
    A European
  • Let's wait and see.
    As said, it's useful feedback to Map Making.

    (BTW, hallo A European, glad you jointed our Pro League :-) )
    Fabio Galletti
  • (Thank you for choosing my map for the first leg. :-) )
    A European

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