No map to click on

Since yesterday the map is not loading, there is only an empty container.

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  • Hi Espen,

    Hmm that is strange.

    Have you tried some troubleshooting with another browser/clearing cache cookies, another device (if possible) and see if it resolves it?

    You can also try disabling extensions/plugins and see if works better.

  • Hi,
    thanks for answering. I tried clearing cache/cookies, didn't make a difference. Now, a few hours later (I haven't done anything), the map is working normal as before...

  • Okay, well glad it was resolved but strange that it was fixed by itself. Have not seen any other reported issues with it, so hard to say what the reason was.

    Let me know in case it happens again and we can have a further look at it with the tech-team!


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