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No comments after each round. Please.

I love Geoguessr. There was I time when I was obsessed and where ever I went I found myself paying attention to every sign color, types of tree, etc. (I actually started noticing how landscapes change from north to south in each country; architecture changes depending of which country they have as a neighbor and what kind of history they share... a whole world opened in front of me!). I like that you've added new places, and when I tried the Beta Geoguessr it seemed fantastic. I just have a small complaint: after playing what was a blurry map with no signs of people, a street sign and two countries that look so much alike like South Africa and Australia (both have left side traffic and the vegetation in some parts is very similar) the game told me, "not even close", or something like that. I don't think the comments after each round are needed. The score already tells whether I suck or not. I actually found them annoying. But otherwise, it's a really great game.


  • Hey Ana. Thanks for playing and I'm glad you like our new version. Regarding the comments, we've got a fair amount of feedback on them and they have been removed for now.



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