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Next challenge reloaded old photo

I did well on the Tijuana challenge, and asked for another. It reloaded the Tijuana photo, so I picked the same spot. It said, nope, nearly 3,000 km off! It had meant to give me a spot near Detroit. Next time I'll quit GeoGuessr and open it again. Kind of a bummer for my overall score, though.
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  • The game usually won't pick the same place twice in a row. In 99.9% of cases it means the next round is a removed coverage (either removed data by Google after someone did a takedown request ou a user photosphere that was manually removed by its author). To confirm it's removed data, you can check the bottom right corner of the screen: if you see the message "data may be subject to copyright" then it's removed data. The game can't know if data was removed so it will still select it. Otherwise, just reload the page to see if the game manages to load it, sometimes you will have to wait a bit (it's a common issue with photospheres caused by Google, not Geoguessr).


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