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Newly updated maps section?

I see that in this game there are many maps on which people have worked very much and for a long amount of time, but after the initial release there is no way to promote your map on the site, and since the site takes first save time when putting a map in "New Maps", only small maps get published there, unless you keep your computer up for several days and don't save since you publish. So, my suggestion here is to make a Newly Updated Maps section, like the New Maps section. It would function just like the New Maps section, except that it would have a timer of like two weeks, 20 days or a month until a map can get featured there again, so people don't just keep updating maps to get it featured there all the time. This would promote making more intricate bigger maps and would give an actual reward for doing it, so people can have satisfaction for making such maps and this game would in return get much more quality content for it.
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