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New UI on Battle Royale

The new user interface on Battle Royale maps makes it very difficult to keep up with how you are doing, whether you are still in or are about to lose. The map is now overlaid on the standings, and you have to spend time getting the map away to see the full standings. This problem did not occur before when it was a full section on the right side of the screen, and the map was on the inside of that, within the street view part of the screen. It also doesn't appear to be a problem in competitive Streaks games, as the standings appear on the left side of the screen. I appreciate the new game modes and improvements, but this Is making the Battle Royale games almost unplayable to me, so I wanted to provide this feedback.


  • Thanks for the feedback Zoe! We are aware of the issue with the map overlay and we have it on the old to do 😀

    Glad you like the other things on the site!

  • I 100% agree with this, I am huge fan of Battle Royal, but the new UI with the overlaid map completely ruins the game.

    Kudos for the rest of the improvements, can't wait to try out all the new game modes!
  • I definitely second this!
  • Yeppers, its on the to do  👍

  • Just posted another basically identical feedback post, please fix this asap!

    Otherwise I really like the new look, ranking system, game modes, etc. Very good job!
  • Thank you for responding, and thank you for the update, it plays much smoother again!
  • Glad it was solved rather quickly 😀

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