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New multiplayer suggestion - RAPID Battle Royal

I would like to experience some more competitive fast paced playlists.  I think it would be really cool if there were a rapid battle royal playlist.  Same format, 10 players, bottom guess is eliminated.  THe bog differences would be only 15-20 second rounds, NO MOVE, and only 1 guess.  Results not shown until the closck is up or the last person guesses.  

This would make for a very intense style of play, and a higher level of competition as I feel that there are a lot of clues that players can find in the regular game type and I even know for sure that a lot of people cheat by looking up a sign etc. With no Move and only 15 seconds it would make it virtually impossible to cheat!

I also sometime want to play a quick 2-3 minute game sometimes when I am waiting for everyone to join zoom calls and during downtime working from home rather than commiting to a 5-10 minute game of battle royal :P


  • Thanks for the suggestion Michael!

    We are working on more Play with Friends modes and custom settings, so hopefully we can have different settings like this in the future along with Maybe Maps as well so that a Lobby can play NMPZ - Time settings 😀


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