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"New Maps" section not updating?

I've noticed that there are no new maps listed. That is to say, the same maps that were listed at the top of the new maps section are still there. I tried updating a map, but it doesn't show up in the list. I fear that many new maps are being created and we just don't see them because the list is not updating.
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  • I also noticed that only three of a creator's maps show up in their list. I know people who have created many maps, yet only three show up under their profile, even after clicking show all maps.
  • I have also noticed this. I tried updating a map and it never appeared. I always try and play new maps that no one has played yet because if someone took the time to create a map the least I can do is play it. But with nothing new making it to the top I am running out of new maps to play.
  • no new maps why?
    tricia easton
  • This problem still exists. Not only do new maps not appear in the New Maps section, but it seems like they can't even be found through the Search option.
  • I saw that. I keep hoping for a reply that says they know about it or are working on it or at least acknowledge we're having issues, but sadly, nothing.
  • Sorry for the late reply.. We had some issues with our search functionality in Sep-Oct it should be fixed and working as normal now.


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