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New gamemode

i've played Geoguessr for a while now, and I absolutely love it!
At the moment we have only 2 gamemodes: unlimited time, and limited time challenges.

I think there are some gamemodes that can be implemented:
1. No Moving (the player can't move, you have to guess the location from the point where you started). Lots of time you guess the location reading Street Names or so... in this mode you have to implrove your landscape skills!

2. Country-guess (you dont have to guess the exact location, but the countery you are in, without moving. you get 1 point for every correct State. The points are based on a streak sequence. Once your guess is wronk, you are out!) You can challenge yourself again to beat your record Streak

3. Challenge with your friend. (Atm you cant challenge your friend on a 2v2 time limit challenge..) Once you create the challenge random people can join.

Thank you!
M.S. a Geoguessr Lover

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