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New game mode


I was wondering if new game modes are planned?
I was thinking at a "race mode", where the winner is the first one to complete X maps.

Completing a map is doing a minimum point, let's say 4500 points.When you validate your position, if you have less than 4500 points, your map is not valided and you have to do another one.
When you have finished your X maps, you wait for your friends to complete all their maps. The winner is the one with the best time.

I think it would add some "stress" and strategic during the game. Am I enough confident to validate my position to move on the next map and save some time? Or should I continue to gather some info to be sure to have more than 4500 pts.

Could be also fun to watch some streamers playing this kind of game as it is a race. Someone can take the lead on the first map but lose his/her place on the second one.

Anyway, I already have some fun, so it would just be a plus 😀


  • Awesome Idea !
  • Hi Patouh,

    Sorry for the late reply.. Thanks for the feedback, sounds like a fun mode and it could definitely be interesting to watch streamers play it.
    I'll bring it up with the team!


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